Nov 7, 2020

Useful links for Manufacturing Processes (students)

Process descriptions with real examples (MillingInjection Molding, Sand Casting, Die Casting) and Glossary from a pragmactic perspective (not academic)

Process selector among given process families (Polymer Processing, Metal Casting, Machining, Metal Forming), based on the part features (Shape, Surface finish, Quantity, Material, Tolerance, Lead time), to compare their capabilities and performance

Example parts classified by material and process, with features and costs. Cost estimators by changing the features of the parts in the database 

Cost estimator by features for Injection Molding, Die Casting, Sand Casting, Machining

Widgets for calculations, with some theory

Dec 7, 2019

Tracking video completion in Moodle

Video playing is not a guarantee of learning, just like the presence in the classroom is not.
We need to certify asynchronous attendance, as we do in the classroom and online with the appeal, by a free tool using our institutional learning management system (Moodle).

We are recording from Skype for Business and videos are saved in a Google Drive folder, for the video to be embedded in the tracking plugin, using minimal work.

Scorm is a standard of communication between Moodle and external content, available as plugin

h5p plugin for Moodle
allows adding also (interactive) video content, but some work is required to verify progress
Step by step screenshots and options

Trax video for Moodle plugin

Trax Video uses the xAPI VideoJS player, which is a reference implementation of the xAPI Video Profile integrated with the VideoJS player.

With this player, you can track video events such as:

  • Video started, paused, resumed, seeked, stopped.
  • Interactions with the video player like audio (un)mute or resolution change.
  • Video completion, time spent and viewed sections.

The video player build the related xAPI statements and send them to the server.