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Production related Journals and some Impact Factors (IFyear)

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IFxxxx: Impact factor (Year) ISI journal
[S]: indexed by Scopus (if not from Elsevier or Springer)
(A)/[1]: references by names/numbers

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  • International Journal of Robotics Research - Sage IF2012:2.863 1/21 in Robotics
  • Journal of Engineering Manufacture - Proc IMechE, Part B Professional Engineering Publishing JEM IF2009:0.3 IF2010:0.640 IF2011:0.725
  • Journal of Industrial Technology JIT - ATMAE Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (membership required for submission)
  • International Journal of Manufacturing Research IJMR - Inderscience Publishers Ltd online submission
  • JSME International Journal Series C-Mechanical Systems Machine Elements And Manufacturing 
  • International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture Elsevier IF2009:1.956 IF2011:2.169 [1] [H] (G) CV
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems -98 ==> Robotics and CIM
  • Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing - Elsevier IF2009:1.687 IF2011:1.173 full-text on-line submission [1] [H] (G)
  • International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing - Taylor and Francis IngentaConnect InformaWorld IF2009:0.494 IF2010:0.553
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineering Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Transactions of the ASME - Freund Publishing IF:~1
  • CIRP Annals - Elsevier IF2012:2.251 IF2011:1.708 IF2009:1.603 [1]
  • CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology - Elsevier [S]
  • CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Systems - ceased
  • International Journal for Manufacturing Science and Technology IJMST - free First 2 Vols - First 4 Vols - No-ISI ceased 2011
  • Materials and Manufacturing Processes - Taylor and Francis IF2009:0.968
  • Journal of Materials Processing Technology - Elsevier IF2012:1.953 IF2011:1.783 IF2010:1.2
  • International Journal for Manufacturing Science and Production - Freund No-ISI No-online - same as above?
  • Rapid Prototyping Journal Emerald IF2012:1.000
  • Applied Surface Science - Elsevier IF2011:2.103
  • Industrial Robots - An International Journal - Emerald IF2011:0.603 [S]
  • Journal of Cleaner Production - Elsevier IF2012:3.398 IF2009:1.867
  • Resources, Conservation and Recycling - Elsevier IF2009:1.987
  • International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing - Springer IF2009:1.207 IF2011:1.141 home on line
  • Assembly Automation - Emerald IF2011:0.584
  • International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management  (IJATM)
  • Advanced Materials Research - AMR [S]


    • Journal of Industrial Textiles IF2009(No-ISI):~1
    • Journal of the Textile Institute - Taylor and Francis IF2009:0.368
    • Textile Research International - Sage IF2009:1.096



    AI and computing in Manufacturing

    Manufacturing systems

    • Institute of Industrial Engineers IIE Transactions - Taylor and Francis IF2009:1.040
    • International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems (Int J Flex Manuf Syst) 1988-2007 online ==> Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal  2008-- info online online submission - Springer IF2008:1.044 IF2009:0.903 IF2010:0.200 IF2011:0.250 [S]
    • International Journal of Production Research (IJPR) - EbscoHost Taylor and Francis IF2012:1.460 IF2011:1.115 IF2009:0.803 (A)
    • Production Planning and Control - Taylor and Francis IF2009:0.730 IF2010:0.603 IF2011:0.725 IF2013:0.991 online submission Gupta [1]
    • Systems Engineering - Wiley IF2009:0.578 disk submission Matta
    • Performance Evaluation - Elsevier IF2009:1.560
    • International Journal of Operations & Production Management - Emerald IF2011:1.127
    • Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems (JAMS) - World Scientific Publishing Co. IF2009(No-ISI):0.17 full-text online submission
    • Production & Manufacturing Research - Taylor & Francis open access submit
    • Society of Manufacturing Engineers SME Journal of Manufacturing Systems JMSY - Elsevier IF2012:1.070 IF2011:0.639 IF2009:0.216 on-line submit [1] [H] (G) [CV]

    Quality and production management

    Optics and lasers


    Design and materials

    • Computer Aided Design (CAD) IF2011:1.234 submit [1] [G] [H]
    • Materials and Design - Elsevier IF2009:1.518
    • Journal of Engineering Design (J Eng Des) - Taylor and Francis IF2009:1.580
    • Design studies - Elsevier IF2009:0.983
    • Applied Ergonomics - Elsevier IF2009:1.105
    • Science and Technology of Advanced Materials - IOPScience (free full-text access) IF2009:2.599
    • Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance (JMEP) - Springer IF2009:0.592
    Artificial Vision


      • Computers in Industry - Elsevier IF2009:1.524 IF2011:1.529 [1] CV 
      • Applied Mathematical Modelling (APM) - Elsevier IF2012:1.706 IF2011:1.579 submission [1]
      • Computers and Industrial Engineering - Elsevier IF2009:1.491
      • Engineering Optimization - Taylor and Francis IF2009:0.966
      • Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory - Elsevier IF2009:0.799
      • Engineering Computations - Emerald IF2009:0.651
      • Issues in Science and Technology IF2010:0.479
      • Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (JPN J IND APPL MATH) - Springer IF2009:0.353
      • Journal of Applied Research and Technology JART IF2009:0.061 IF2010:0.220 IF2011:0.145 online submission
      • R & D Magazine IF2009:0.03
      • International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations free full-text
      • ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering  
      • American Journal of Applied Sciences AJAS - Science Publications open access $ [S]
      • American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences AJEAS - Science Publications  open access $ [S]
      • Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology RJASET Maxwell $ [S]
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